Interior Redesign 

Your home can be your personal haven, a place you look forward to returning each day.  It can evoke feelings of relaxation, comfort, beauty, and even serenity. It can reflect all the things we enjoy when visiting a favorite get-away, and your home may also represent your individuality.

Redesign is a term often used for creating a new plan for a space using one's own furnishings and accessories, which is a slightly different take on traditional interior design.  That means a space can be redesigned using simply a client's furnishings.  Or, it can be designed using a mix of client furnishings, plus new accessories for additional oomph. Project options include: paint color selection, floor coverings, furniture selection, or they can be as simple as floor plans and accessories. The client's goals determine the scope of the project.  

Redesign and staging can produce huge transformations at affordable prices.


The practice of staging a home for sale is less about matching your aesthetic preferences and more about matching the vision of current homebuyers. The goal is creating the best representation of your home, selling it faster and for a higher price.   

Home Organization

Close your eyes and imagine your home organized to meet all of your needs.  Everything is logically stored where you use it.  Time is no longer wasted looking for things. You only spend money on necessary purchases because you know what you have in your closets, pantry, and drawers. Your "new" home provides a sense of calm and control.  

Any good organization plan starts with your goal for the space or system. That's where all decisions begin.


Next, if we surround ourselves with only those things we consider useful or beautiful, life can be so much easier and more enjoyable.  

Boiling our possessions down to the things that look best on us and help get our work done correlates to less maintenance work. Everything we own needs some type of care: washing, dusting, mending, framing, preserving, etc. 

While working with you, I will provide many recommendations on how to achieve your goals. However, the final decisions on whether to keep or let go of any given item will always be up to you.  

You'll be amazed by how much time can be saved when you're more organized and efficient. Time management is another area of organization that provides a wonderful feeling of being in charge of your life instead of last minute surprises being in charge you. 

Each plan is personalized, determined by your preferences and needs. No two homes are alike, and no two people are the same.  

However, everyone loves tangible results.  

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

                                                                                                         –Henry David Thoreau

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Is your home your personal haven?

Do you have effective organizing systems in place?

Are your surroundings as comforting as a spa designed just for you?

Organize My Life, Redesign My World can make your dreams a reality.