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Some inexpensive furniture, space planning to keep paperwork within reach, and a few vacation treasures
 and viola!  This client had a whole "new" home office.  
Is disorganization negatively impacting your life and causing you stress?
  • Have you avoided having people over because of clutter?
  • Have you incurred late fees on bills because you don't have a quick and easy payment system?
  • Would having an organized kitchen let you prepare healthier meals for your family?
  • Has disorganization impacted your confidence and your self-esteem?
  • Is getting yourself or your kids out in the morning become a frustrating chore?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, congratulations on taking the first step. Together we can form a plan and start creating your "new home" today. You are not the sum or your closets and cupboards. Simple techniques can produce major changes.

Whether you need to organize a room in order to enjoy a relaxing haven at the end of a hard day or transform an entire house, the same rules apply.

Many people think of organizing as clearing surfaces and making a room look better. That's a temporary fix. This is why having a friend or family members organize your space doesn't produce lasting results. Real organizing goes much further. If your drawers, cupboards, closets, and storage areas are filled to the brim organization will remain a challenge. By delving further, by purging items that are no longer useful and by storing things where they are used you'll begin creating a functional home. Most importantly, becoming more organized involves changing our habits.  Small adjustments to our daily rituals equal big results.  

I will help you clear the clutter, teach you simple techniques to help you maintain order, and provide coaching techniques to keep you motivated. 

No judgement just results.

Call 302-415-2317 today to learn more.

Sue Frost, Owner, Certified Professional Organizer,
Certified Interior Redesign Specialist, & Certified Life Coach
Organize My Life LLC
Wilmington, DE

Based in Wilmington serving New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties in Delaware, the Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania, and the Cumberland and Salem Counties in New Jersey.

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