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After working with her (Sue) for some time now, I would replace the word "job" with "calling". Sue in not just good at what she does, organizing people's clutter, she is phenomenal. She never ever makes you feel bad about anything. She doesn't accept excuses; she just looks for ways to work around them. She gently leads you though the hardest organizing challenges, explaining better ways to contain your stuff, how to let go of what is not needed, even how to better display what you have, so that when she leaves you feel like you have accomplished something great and that you are capable of keeping it that way! Rachel Harad

I hired Sue to assist me with organizing my home and clearing my clutter. She is professional, kind, efficient and not the least bit overwhelmed by any task! I am certain I could not have accomplished in months what she helped me get done in one day. I was comfortable with her immediately and her suggestions have been excellent. I have continued to have her come back to help me tackle more projects. It has been well worth the investment! I highly recommend her.
 Barbara Anderson

I have always been an organized person, so it was a constant frustration that I couldn’t organize my home.  Sue helped me take the emotion out of de-cluttering decisions and to think rationally about how I use spaces and belongings.  I immediately feel the impact of my sessions with Sue and have not regretted parting with a single item... Sue began with an assessment and a clear action plan that set realistic expectations about the time and tasks needed to reach my goals.We tackled each project methodically and tasks were completed within the scheduled time frame.  Sue listens well, works efficiently and makes great suggestions. She is highly knowledgeable and has a good eye for how to arrange the “after” space.  She also researched options for new purchases with an emphasis on function, style and value.  Sue provides a very valuable service.  I now shop differently and see my living space in a new way.  I have recommended Sue to friends and family and enjoy hearing about the impact she has on their projects.  Holly Lissner

Before Sue, I attempted to tackle organization projects but inevitably got overwhelmed or distracted and ran out of time.  I was left with unfinished projects and an increased sense of frustration, especially because the clutter caused delays on home improvement projects and furniture purchases. 
When I wanted to make a change, two professional acquaintances both recommended Sue to me, and I am so grateful. Sue brings a calm voice to the sea of clutter. We worked first on my house.  Sue developed a workable plan to divide and conquer. I never felt pressured to get rid of anything I wasn't ready to let go of, but at the same time, Sue would gently ask, "Is it time to let go?" When we were done I felt a large weight was lifted. Everything had a place, and systems and processes Sue designed to work with my needs and habits are working.  I highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a calm but very productive experience in getting control of whatever in your life needs to be organized!
  Robin Mandell 

Sue Frost did an amazing job on decorating our house. Sue, evaluated our tastes and our budget. Offered advice on color choices and organizing. She helped us hang our own art work and used our own furniture to create a warm and comfortable main living space.  My husband and I were shopping online for the lamps. We did not see anything we really liked that was less than $300.00 and were planning on asking Sue for her opinion. The next day, Sue arrived after a shopping trip. She found the perfect lamps for $29.95! It saved us $540.00 just with this one purchase! I am convinced that the money she saved us with her expert shopping skills paid for her service. Our house was decorated in much less time and we have had received many compliments. We love it! We highly recommend Sue Frost.

Jeryl and David Fincke

I am so thankful for Sue Frost...She has been amazing.  he is motivating, supportive, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. From the minute we started working together, I knew this was a good decision.  She was thoughtful and considerate as we went through item after item discussing their usefulness and making decisions.  She is supportive not intrusive.  She had many thoughts and ideas bu the final decision was always mine.  At the end of each sessions, Sue had a homework list for me and reminder notes for herself...I am thrilled with her responsiveness and follow through...and excited about the results.  Monica Butler

The first time I met Sue was to hear her presentation at a CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) meeting. (When we worked together) She gave a fresh perspective, good ideas on how to reorganize the space. I was no longer going backward but finally progressing forward in my own home and the rest of the family became involved with the process as well. A favorite Miss Sue saying in our house now is "Everything has a place." Susan Wills 

Sue does not impose her systems on the client. Rather, she questions, listens, observes, and suggests solutions that incorporate the way her client functions.  It's real nifty to see how she knits everything together. Judy Magee

I hired Sue to help organized my home office and create space for the arrival of a new baby. She was so talented that I asked her to work with my 71-year old mother who needed to downsize into a new room in an assisted living facility. My mother loved her! Sue also worked a miracle and helped us created a fabulous suite for our au pair. She is exceptional at problem solving and addressing a broad range of needs. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful, creative and productive organizer! I highly recommend Sue if you are interested in results. Sharon Levitch, Wayne, PA

As the mother of a special needs child, I can think of a million other things to spend our family's money on: therapies, supplements, specialized childcare, etc. However, the time I spent with Sue teaching me how to organize our home was money well spent and will stay with me forever. She didn't just help me organized my home; she thoughtfully helped me to learn how to do it for myself by learning new, easy habits, and gently tweaking my way of thinking about how to keep it organized.  I think it is in her DNA to be organized.  The peace of mind I get from a clutter free and organized home makes me so happy and makes Sue coming out worth every penny. I highly recommend Sue for any organizing needs! 

Joan Leach

I am so glad you  were there for our family. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.  Letting a complete stranger into your home and go through all of your "stuff" is quite intimidating. From the very first meeting Sue was a true professional. She made the whole process easy.  She has a great eye of using stuff you already have if keeping costs down is a must.  Really a thoughtful, polite, and overall, sweet person. Her great organizational skills, and eye for what looks good, seem to come so naturally. She really did "organize my life." From the first day, the impact was noticeable. Really the only word is amazing. This may sound over the top, but once you work with Sue you will know what I mean. Nicole

Organize My Life has transformed an overwhelming and chaotic organizational nightmare and created a well-ordered, efficiently laid out home office! Organize My Life has simplified my life. Without hesitation I recommend this highly professional organization. R. Gerard

When I feel overwhelmed I put on my Sue Frost organizing hat and accomplish my tasks as if you were with me.  Your coaching and expertise are lessons for life. Everyone can use Sue Frost from young to old. I used her to help my 13 year old daughter with her chaotic bedroom. She also helped her organized school paperwork. It took tension out of the mother daughter relationship and empower her. I have noticed a change with her organizational skills. Sue had a huge impact on my daughter.  R. L. 

I would recommend Sue's services to anyone. She is not one of those organizes that just directs you... Spent several sessions going through the particularly sore areas of my home, I was left with a huge sense of relief. I am having Sue help with again to set up a new office. Thanks Sue!  Maggie Feld

I have hired professional organizers in the past and none measure up to Ms. Frost and her service.  It has been a very positive experience to work with the sterling character of Ms. Frost.
 Victoria Williams

Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to me! I can't tell you how great it FEELS to have gotten's like a mental workout; I feel lighter & stronger!  Sherri Lindner

...Working with Organize My Life to organize my home and and increase its efficiency. It's working wonderfully. Always pleasant and supportive, OML has helped me streamline systems, which has immeasurably improved both aesthetics and function of each space. Suggestions for resources to meet special or combined needs have been right on and very satisfactory. OML has been a pleasure to work with - I am happy to freely and enthusiastically recommend OML! R. May

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