Code of Ethics

Organize My Life, Redesign My World was formed with the genuine desire to help people achieve their goals through organization and design work. 

Organization can help us feel prepared, eliminate unnecessary expenses, save time by knowing what we have and where it is, and, create a soothing environment.  

I hope to transform your space into your personal haven. Our homes should restore our energy, inspire happiness, and help us to be the best version of ourselves. Those are my goals. Tell me yours.

If you entrust Organize My Life, Redesign My World with your business, your information will be held in the strictest confidence and only disclosed if required for legal or safety reasons.

If your project exceeds the scope of our work, we promise to do our best to recommend those who can best serve you.  

Information, testimonials, photos, and the like will not be used without written or oral permission.

Fees ​

Please use the Contact  page to find out more about fees for your project. They follow two structures:

1) Organization: half-day, whole-day, or packages

2) Redesign & Staging - by the project

Once the scope of work is determined, fees will be communicated in advance.

What are the benefits of organization?

The benefits are many, from financial to those you cannot put a price on. In almost every session, "finds" have included: duplicate purchases, vital documents, cash, checks, savings bonds, gift cards, jewelry. Often cash and valuables far outweigh the cost of the organizing session! What is the value of opening your door to unexpected guests while enjoying a sense of pride in your home? Successfully reaching your goals can even change the way you feel about yourself.  

​How long will it take to get organized?​

That varies with each project and each client. Issues that influence time include: how much organization needs to be done, your speed and comfort level with the decision making process, and your availability. Regarding decision making, it's my job to help with this process. In addition, decisions typically get easier with practice and some guidance. It's also my job to keep the process moving, focused, and productive. The process can flow more quickly once we get started and find a comfortable pace.  

We need time to sort, purge, and place everything in its space which is why half day and whole day sessions were created. This allows you to see change starting with the first session.

Will I be finished once and for all?

I often use the analogy of weight loss to answer this question. Let's say that you just achieved your goal of losing 15 pounds. Would you be able to say, "I never need to worry about weight again?" First, I'd congratulate you for reaching your goal. Next, the response would be the same, you need to practice small changes every day to maintain those results. By including those changes in your daily routine, you want them to become as habitual as brushing your teeth.  

How did I become so disorganized?

Disorganization can happen for many reasons. It can be a symptom of a busy life. However, reasons can fall into two very broad, general areas:

Situational Disorganization:

Often clients contact me after they have experienced a life change. The systems they've had in place no longer work as well. Changes may involve either good or bad life issues: caring for aging parents, marriage, divorce, a new baby, a promotion, etc.

On-going issues, sometimes referred to as Challenging Disorganization:

The reasons for this can be numerous.  Perfectionism, procrastination, ADD, OCD, and a host of other issues can sometimes be involved. A word of caution.  Please try not to get caught up self-diagnosing a disorder that may or may not exist. Unfortunately, some people associate disorders with shame. Because some challenges are as common as freckles, I prefer to think of them as just another learning style. 

Whether situational or on-going, the task is looking for the best solution(s) for the individual, clearing the clutter, and discussing options for maintaining progress.  

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter why or how you got here. Learning how to change your particular situation is the part that matters. I don't believe in judgement, just results.

Congratulations on choosing change. Setting goals is the first step in making a dream a reality.

Organization really is the one change that changes everything.   

What is redesign?
There are different options depending on your needs:

1) Paint color consultation

2) Using your own furnishings and decorative items to create a brand new design, including a focal point, floor plan, balance, and flow.

3) Building on that design and adding some oomph with additional items. Depending on your needs those items might include: art, floor coverings, furnishings, and selection of decorative items and textiles.

Why stage your home if you've done a nice job decorating?​

While your live in your home it's organized and decorated to suite your needs and preferences.  Once it's on the market, your goals change.  As potential buyers tour your home, you have one chance to excite them and help them to see themselves living there.  Staging can make the difference between a solid offer and another walk through.  

If a room is slightly crowded or a closet is overly full, potential buyers think the space is too small instead of wondering if the current owner has an extensive wardrobe.  After living in the same home for years, it's natural for things to collect. It takes someone with a fresh eye to hone in on items that will make the best impression.  Repositioning items, creating inviting gathering spaces, considering optimal flow are just some of the things to be considered.  It's the best way to compete with, or exceed, the impression similar homes are making.

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