Your goal for the space or system determines the details for a personalized plan. All decisions start there. Organize My Life, Redesign My World uses a process that is methodical, fast-paced (within your comfort zone), and fun. Sorting, purging, and assigning homes is just the beginning. Fresh, non-judgmental eyes and thorough questions lead to transformational results. Soon your home will serve your needs like never before.

Bedrooms - ​Bedrooms are havens for rest and rejuvenation. Tell me about your space, how it serves your needs, and any way it doesn't. Is there a need to set up zones to get you off to sleep and to help start each day feeling fully prepared? It can be done. We'll show you how.

Closets - Closets should simply be a repository for clothing that fits, makes us feel great, and we can jump into at a moment's notice. Set-up correctly, we can dress confidently in minutes, no rejects. Mornings can be a breeze. Really.

Home Office - This is a great place to gain a sense of control. Whether you need a system for paying bills on time, paper management, or processing

e-mail, managing your home office can provide an enormous sense of relief

Simple daily, weekly, and monthly routines (depending on need) can be put in place that will make worry a part of your past.    

Kitchens - It's been said that planning healthful meals is so much easier in an organized kitchen. In addition, having everything at our fingertips 

makes morning routines so much simpler. This is another high-impact area for organization.

Living Areas - We probably all agree that organization makes our living, dining, and family rooms easier to use. Plus, it just feels good. However, I believe one of the greatest positive impacts of organization is the ability to welcome guests at a moment's notice. Sometimes clutter keeps us from opening our doors and our homes. Life is too precious. People are too important; you're too important. Treat yourself as well as you would treat your company.

Unpacking - Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. Let us help you with placement, which will ease the use of your kitchen for years to come. Organize your linen closet to simplify maintenance, and apply organizational tricks of the trade throughout your new home. (See Redesign for the benefits of our assistance with floor plans.) 

Storage Areas -  Our best advice about storage is to keep only the things you love and will use - no matter how much storage space you have. Don't worry, we have the plan for you!

Organization really is the one change that changes everything.

How do we start?

Phone consultations

Phone consultations are free of charge. This is the time to call and tell us what your organizational challenge is and what you would like to accomplish. Next we would schedule an in-home Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessment 

This includes a walk-through of the space and a discussion of a plan and a path forward. A client may need, or want, anything from one session to multiple sessions. Additional questions may be asked about the project to ensure a full understanding.  

Half-day sessions are 3 hours in length.

Whole-day sessions are 6 hours plus 30 minutes, off the clock, for lunch.

Organizing Packages are offered for those who would like to save by buying sessions in bulk.

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