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A graduate of the Dale Carnegie program and a member of Toastmasters, Sue is an experienced speaker who loves to connect with your audience. 

She has a passion for her subjects and a natural ability to use humor while addressing things in life that can challenge and inspire us.

​​​​​Speaking Topics

The following speaking topics are available:

This is not my beautiful home 

But, it can be. Learn to make your home your personal haven through the process of organization.
Few things in life reduce stress while lifting your spirits like a serene environment. This talk covers the basics of organization, how to apply them, and includes maintenance techniques.

Paper organization can be life changing.

Paper clutter is as common as freckles, and it's often the product of a) the lack of a good system, b) not knowing quite what to do with each piece of paper, and c) being crunched for time. Whether you're a filer or a piler, this talk is for you! Learn about the three stages of filing: action files, reference, and archives. Once you know what to do with it, paper is no longer scary.

Efficiency is easier than you think

Armed with some tried and true tips, a few simple apps, and an open mind, you will learn new ways to create a life that includes control, structure, and efficiency.  Sound boring?  A system that enables you to get things done opens the door for creativity and enjoying your leisure time, finally.

A closet big enough for Narnia (well, almost)

This talk includes suggestions on whittling down your wardrobe to the cream of the crop, learning to make the very best use of space, and tips on maintaining organization for seasons

to come. 

Stress reduction, the organized approach

From starting your day in a relaxed way, having a plan for the life YOU want, tracking your tasks, and managing your time ~ stress can be kept at bay. Then come the things we can't control. We can open the floor to discuss our reaction to those things too. Your approach to the unexpected can be organized as well. Let's talk.